Open VR Training

Open VR Training is an open-source virtual reality training platform designed to provide an immersive and safe learning experience in industry and machinery assembly. This innovative solution allows users to experiment with tools and equipment in controlled environments without the risk of damaging expensive equipment or jeopardizing personal safety. Open VR Training offers an unparalleled user experience thanks to its cutting-edge technology, enabling users to acquire essential skills and knowledge more quickly and effectively than ever before. Join the revolution of learning in industrial environments with Open VR Training.

Crane Simulation

Immersive footage showcases a skilled user operating a stationary crane within a highly realistic virtual environment.

From the safety of the crane's cabin, the user has complete control of the machinery, utilizing a series of levers to rotate the crane and move the trolley.

The simulated environment provides an authentic and challenging experience, with a container base serving as the backdrop.

Through VR technology, users can safely and effectively practice their crane handling skills without risking damage to expensive equipment or personal safety

Engine Assembly

Open VR Training is a cutting-edge virtual reality training solution for the industry and machinery assembly, enabling users to acquire practical skills and knowledge in a safe environment. In this highly realistic virtual environment, users are tasked with assembling an engine piece by piece, from the base to the installation of all the parts.

The experience is highly challenging and authentic thanks to the virtual reality technology, which allows users to assemble the engine without the risk of damage or accidents. This assembly station is just one example of the many training scenarios that Open VR Training has to offer, making the teaching and training of practical skills more efficient and effective.

ForkLift Simulation

This virtual reality video demonstrates the complete operation of a forklift in a safe and controlled environment. The steering wheel and levers are fully functional, allowing the user to take control and drive the forklift.

The forks are also fully functional, providing a highly immersive training experience.

This training solution utilizes virtual reality technology to create a highly immersive learning environment, enabling users to improve their practical skills in heavy machinery operation.

OSC Controller

The Open Sound Control (OSC) for controlling heavy machinery, in this case, a crane. OSC is a protocol for communication among computers, sound synthesizers, and other multimedia devices, and it provides an input solution that can be used for a wide range of processes.

With OSC, controls can be modified to suit specific needs and accessed remotely from any device with internet access.

This technology offers a flexible and dynamic solution for heavy machinery operation, making it possible to operate cranes and other equipment with precision and ease